Blogging, at Last.

Nearly two years ago I packed up my entire life and moved 1,500 miles away from my home, family, church, friends and 21 years of history. A naive and starry-eyed bride, I jumped headfirst into the unknown; confident that I would live happily ever after immune to homesickness.

Armed with an English degree and dozens of overflowing journals, I had big dreams for my blogging endeavors. What better way to keep my loved ones at home abreast of my fascinating life as a newlywed? This "fascinating life" soon swept me up in a tidal wave so fast-paced that even regular journaling became a relic of the past, and blogging seemed a task of unsurmountable proportions. To compensate for my lost art I became critical of the blog world in general, since "everyone" now had a blog. The few blogs that I followed with passionate admiration (Ode to Pioneer Woman) became so intensely glorified in my eyes that any attempt of my own seemed as the dust of the earth.

With my writing thus crucified, I felt at a loss for what really defined me. I dabbled in knitting, adored my husband and cat nearly to death and exercised madly until a gruesome bout with fleas destroyed all semblance of a daily routine. One afternoon, as I donned my trusty flea socks and vacuumed for the thirteenth time in a week, I was flooded with a homesickness that I had never, in all my travels, experienced. I felt in my deepest core the gradual severance of souls that is so inevitable when time and distance prevail.

Thanks to an ingenius and wildly inspirational video project created by my siblings and good friends, I have recently been possessed with an urge to bear children and move back to the east coast. Nathan, in his wisdom, maintains a cool and logical approach to our future plans, and so for now this blog will take the place of babies and relocation. I'm swallowing my blogging insecurities to bring you candid snapshots of our life in Houston, how God is using us, and what He is teaching me daily. To my loved ones at home reading this, please know that I miss you tremendously and will do my best to keep you regularly updated on our various endeavors.

The theme of this blog was inspired by one of my favorite verses, my love of cooking (taste) and a budding interest in photography (see). Besides being an outlet for my writing, I hope that my blog will motivate me to share my favorite recipes and put to good use my Canon Rebel, two lenses and photography workshop expertise (all compliments of my lover).

Please leave a comment and say hello! Happy belated Easter from our state to yours :)

β€œWherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” - Jim Elliot