A Week in the Life...

Reader Caution: The following post is obnoxiously long. Each day of the past week has deserved a post of its own, but I've been much too busy living them. Here begins a week in the life of us, featuring special appearances by dear friends, 5k races, my sister-in-law, and the world's greatest youth group:

Last Saturday Nathan and I road tripped with some church friends, Seth and Macie, to a not-so-cozy inn in Bastrop, TX. We stopped at Jason's Deli along the way, where much salad and boiled eggs were consumed. The inn, with all its flattering photographs and positive online reviews, was old and crumbling, and crickets attacked as soon as we opened the door. We fled to downtown Austin and made the Sixth Street rounds amid much beer and live music. We finally mustered enough courage to go back to our room, where we killed a spider on Nathan's pillow and laughed hysterically after the lights were out. Married sleepovers are my favorite.

Next morning we got up with the sun and donned our war (i.e. Dash of the Titans) gear:

Apparently only Nathan got the Fierce Face memo:

After the race we ate at a favorite lunch spot in Gruene and listened to some awesome live music. I am a huge fan of races and road trips with friends.

Lovely Macie!

Next on the agenda was a visit from my sister-in-law Catherine, a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of Pepperdine University and one of the sweetest people I know. We had a lovely week of long talks, eating, exploring, eating, hanging out with friends, talking, eating and talking some more. Of course, the feats nearest to my heart are the strawberry picking and jam making episode, and our unbelievably delicious veggie enchiladas (in honor of Catherine's vegetarianism).

After a morning spent at the library (where we fittingly created a bulletin board featuring a farmer in a strawberry patch full of classic children's books - photo forthcoming), we went to Froberg's Farm and loaded up on fresh produce, including the most succulent strawberries imaginable.

Recipes for the jam and veggie enchiladas are forthcoming. As far as the enchiladas go, let's just say that it involved veggies I normally wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, roasted to perfection and slathered in a mountain of fresh grated cheese, sour cream, and homemade guacamole. Divinity at its finest, and even Nathan thought so - which is saying a LOT.

Our final jaunt was to Ca Phe Phin, a Vietnamese coffee house with waitresses who remember you and every drink you've ever ordered. Ode to bubble tea!

Last night we had a youth ministry cookout with some of my favorite kids on earth. One of the most incredible parts of this season is living life with the precious teens God has entrusted to us: playing, laughing, and growing together. I am so blessed!

The talented Catherine took the rest of these pics:

What a wonderful life.